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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:51:1000:51:5500:52:3500:53:2800:53:2800:53:2900:54:0300:49:08Super Mario 64 70 Star3 months ago
00:48:0400:49:3900:47:28Super Mario Sunshine Fast Any%6 months ago
01:15:3001:16:1701:15:5101:16:2101:16:5701:16:5701:17:1801:17:4301:17:1801:17:5301:17:5701:18:0701:18:0701:19:1801:18:2601:18:2801:18:5901:19:0201:14:54Super Mario Sunshine Any%10 months ago
00:50:3200:41:53Celeste Any%10 months ago
00:57:32Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition All Skills11 months ago
00:21:45Portal Glitchless11 months ago
01:09:21Super Mario Sunshine Arcade Any%11 months ago
02:03:5401:58:26Super Mario Sunshine All Red Coins11 months ago
02:54:26Multi Game Any%11 months ago
01:43:1701:43:4901:45:2401:47:1101:47:5301:42:15Super Mario Sunshine All Episodes11 months ago
00:31:18Super Mario 64 Category Extensions Nonstop11 months ago
03:15:5103:33:5403:42:1203:47:2903:54:3504:21:3003:15:51Super Mario Sunshine 120 Shines11 months ago
02:36:08Mario Tennis Aces Adventure Any%over 1 year ago
00:16:39Super Mario 64 16 Staralmost 2 years ago
01:19:0101:21:5801:15:09Super Mario Odyssey Any%almost 2 years ago
01:10:5101:07:56A Hat in Time Any%2 years ago
01:54:5101:55:3801:58:4302:01:1502:01:1502:01:1502:04:5001:53:37Super Mario 64 120 star2 years ago
01:28:35Super Mario 64 Non-Stop 120 Star2 years ago
00:37:44Super Mario 64 Non-Stop 70 Starover 2 years ago
00:23:3500:27:1700:37:4300:37:4300:22:44Portal No OoBover 2 years ago
00:23:3900:33:5700:34:1400:23:39The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Any%over 2 years ago
01:11:4801:08:26Luigi's Mansion Any% (No OoB)over 2 years ago
00:11:34Super Mario World 11 Exitover 2 years ago
01:24:15Super Mario World All Castlesover 2 years ago
00:12:1200:11:48Super Mario World Any%over 2 years ago