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mrjoshuamclean's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:08:39Ristar Boss Rush3 months ago
00:38:04Mega Man II (GB) Any%3 months ago
01:37:37Shadowgate 64 Any%3 months ago
00:49:2100:51:2200:57:2701:20:5200:42:09The Messenger 8-Bit8 months ago
01:24:56Sonic 3 & Knuckles Knuckles8 months ago
02:20:58Super Mario World All Castles8 months ago
01:28:52Mega Man X4 X 100%8 months ago
02:28:20Mega Man X3 100%8 months ago
01:56:03Mega Man X2 Any%8 months ago
02:01:06Final Fantasy Legend II Glitchless8 months ago
00:36:1500:37:2500:37:2500:34:35Ristar Any%11 months ago
00:28:46Disney's Aladdin (Genesis) Any%1 year ago
00:53:55Harvest Moon Marriage1 year ago
02:13:32Super Metroid Any%1 year ago
00:17:33Super Mario World 11 Exit1 year ago
01:15:51Silent Hill 2 New Game1 year ago
01:22:24Mega Man X 100%1 year ago