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Astral Academy + Academy Hallways + Wolvercote Catacombs + Dragon Graveyard + Crystal Caverns + Crypt of the Damned + Forsaken Dungeons + Throne of the Lost King + Fangle Forest + Shadowthorn Thicket + Ruins of the Perished + Heartland Mines + Bramblestoke Village + Iron Forge + Tower of Sarek
In progress
Tower of Sarek
In progress
Iron Forge
In progress
Bramblestoke Village
In progress
Heartland Mines
In progress
Ruins of the Perished
In progress
Shadowthorn Thicket
In progress
Fangle Forest
In progress
Throne of the Lost King
In progress
Forsaken Dungeons
In progress
Crypt of the Damned
In progress
Crystal Caverns
In progress
Dragon Graveyard
In progress
Wolvercote Catacombs
In progress
Academy Hallways
In progress
Astral Academy
In progress
#NameDurationFinished AtStats
1Astral Academy--
2Academy Hallways--
3Wolvercote Catacombs--
4Dragon Graveyard--
5Crystal Caverns--
6Crypt of the Damned--
7Forsaken Dungeons--
8Throne of the Lost King--
9Fangle Forest--
10Shadowthorn Thicket--
11Ruins of the Perished--
12Heartland Mines--
13Bramblestoke Village--
14Iron Forge--
15Tower of Sarek--