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Splits.io is pronounced "splits aye oh". Splits.io is spelled "Splits.io".

Splits.io's name was historically "Splits I/O", but this usage has been discontinued. Even with this old name, Splits.io was always pronounced "splits aye oh".


The Splits.io logo (created by Nosfy) is an "S" shape created by three charted segments at "/" angles. Feel free to remix it for personal use, but the standard image is the only official Splits.io logo.

Add about 7.5% breathing room on the top and bottom if the logo will have things above or below it, or if it will be used in a circle crop. For example, a 2000px high logo should be placed in a 2300px high canvas.

The logo looks best on dark backgrounds.


The official Splits.io colors are in the logo:

  1. Pastel Orange (#f5b946)
  2. Picton Blue (#469ce6)
  3. Pastel Green (#6de588)

Additionally, Mirage is a great contrast for backgrounds:

  1. Mirage (#1a1c21)

Here are some examples of using the Splits.io logo to create account-linking buttons: