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The Splits I/O logo (created by Nosfy) is an "S" shape created by three charted segments at "/" angles. Feel free to remix it for personal use, but the standard image is the only official Splits I/O logo.

Add about 7.5% breathing room on the top and bottom if the logo will have things above or below it, or if it will be used in a circle crop. For example, a 2000px high logo should be placed in a 2300px high canvas.

The logo looks best on dark backgrounds.


The official Splits I/O colors are in the logo:

  1. Pastel Orange (#f5b946)
  2. Picton Blue (#469ce6)
  3. Pastel Green (#6de588)

Additionally, Mirage is a great contrast for backgrounds:

  1. Mirage (#1a1c21)

Here are some examples of using the Splits I/O logo to create account-linking buttons: