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Who made this?

Mostly me, Glacials. My thingies are over at twitch.tv/glacials and at twitter.com/glcls.

Which programs can I upload splits from?

ShitSplit, Splitty, Llanfair Rewrite, FaceSplit, Portal 2 Live Timer, Llanfair (Gered's fork), Llanfair, Urn, LiveSplit, SplitterZ, Time Split Tracker, and WSplit.

In LiveSplit, you can upload from within the program with a right click -> Share.

Is Splits I/O open source?

Yes!! Have a look or lend a hand at github.com/glacials/splits-io.

Does Splits I/O have an API?

Yes as well! Here are the docs.

Why no <other timer>?

Depends. Maybe we don't know that it exists, or maybe we do but it's so niche that it's not super high priority. You can check on the timers we're aware of here:


If you don't see your timer there, we don't know about it -- remember to bop that Fo- er, New Issue button and add it.

If you build support for your timer yourself, we'll happily merge in your code!

How are game/category chosen for my run?

If you use LiveSplit, we try to associate your splits with an existing game and category from SRL using the corresponding LiveSplit fields. If we get it wrong or if you use another timer, you can manually edit your run's game and category by pressing "edit" on your run's page, near the download link.

My speedgame doesn't have its own page with category tabs and all that, like other games do. What gives?

We give full game pages to any game that's on SRL. We call these games "shortnamed" -- that is, they're recognized enough to have an SRL shortname (e.g. 'oot3d', 'airride', 'sleepingdogs').

This isn't because we think all other games are lame or anything; shortnames just happen to make it much easier to do bookkeeping. Once you get your game on SRL this process should happen automatically next time a run is uploaded, but if it doesn't you can tweet at us or something and we can associate it manually.

I get "Error eating splits :(" when accessing or uploading my splits!

This error happens when the page request times out, which is typically a sign that your splits took too long to load into memory and parse. This happens to LiveSplit files with a very large

(# attempts) * (# splits in the run)

because of the sheer amount of data LiveSplit stores in its splits (which enables cool things like stats!).

It's my own fault that Splits I/O's handling of this is not as optimized as it should be, and I'm actively working to solve it, but it's not a one-stop bug fix. To see how it's going and what specifically is being planned, you can check Splits I/O's speed label on GitHub.

As a temporary solution, you can manually strip history before uploading by making a copy of your splits, opening the copy in LiveSplit, and resetting all of your best segments (drag-select the whole column and press Delete). This will remove all split history; you should notice a sizeable decrease in file size, and consequently the file should upload to Splits I/O without a hitch.

Help! Splits I/O kidnapped my sister!!

You can always email help@splits.io with issues! Or if you'd prefer, you can post them at the GitHub issues page! But maybe you should call the police first!

open source friends <3



LiveSplit is developed by two really cool people who decided to open source the whole thing around 1.4.



Nitrofski is WSplit's maintainer and open sourced the program in 2014.

PB Tracker


PB Tracker is Splits I/O's spiritual sister, preferring a you-curated, diary-style progress tracking system to Splits I/O's more automated "give me all your splits" attitude.



Salty is a speedrunning-heavy chat bot that hooks into several services to expose race status, PB splits, and WR info, among other things.