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To help you deal with COVID-19 all advanced analytics, comparisons, and other Gold features on Splits.io are available for free until further notice. Stay home and grind attempts with the help of our best tools, and avoid being a risk to yourself or others. (Due to technical constraints, you must be signed in.)

Faster, faster, fasterfasterfaster

Get advanced analysis, comparisons, auto-highlighting, and more!



  • Basic analytics
  • Compare runs with your past self


$9 / mo

  • Advanced analytics
  • Compare runs with other runners
  • Predict when you'll PB
  • Upgrade permalinks to redirectors
  • Auto-highlight runs on Twitch
  • Speedrun.com first place trophy Auto-submit runs to speedrun.com
  • Hide runs without disowning them
  • See sum-of-best leaderboards
  • And more as we keep building!


$99 / mo

  • Dedicated advisor
  • Regular emails or meetings with new finds
  • Includes Gold


Email us

  • Hire us to expose and visualize analytics
  • Custom-built to your specifications
  • Fuel your commentary, stream layout, or players
  • Bulk discounts for Splits.io subs