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gelly's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:32:0900:29:51Superliminal Any%17 hours ago
00:10:5600:11:0800:11:5100:12:1300:12:4000:13:0400:13:1800:10:30Manifold Garden Any%4 days ago
00:26:5100:11:23Manifold Garden Low%9 days ago
00:38:39Manifold Garden All God Cubes9 days ago
00:52:03The 13th Doll Richmond13 days ago
00:13:1700:12:59realMyst All Pages3 months ago
00:18:1900:19:0600:20:0100:18:19Myst All Pages realMyst3 months ago
00:31:00realMyst All Achievements3 months ago
-00:13:5400:13:5400:14:3300:14:5300:14:5300:15:2900:15:2900:16:1500:17:0100:17:2000:17:5400:13:50Myst All Pages3 months ago
00:15:49Aporia: Beyond The Valley Any%4 months ago
00:27:49Quern - Undying Thoughts Any% - No S/Q5 months ago
01:08:5501:12:4701:02:48Quern - Undying Thoughts Glitchless5 months ago
00:09:35Obduction Any%5 months ago
00:33:23Serious Sam 3: BFE Any%8 months ago
01:56:37Return of the Obra Dinn 100%8 months ago
01:34:4601:34:4601:34:4601:34:4601:34:34Return of the Obra Dinn Captain%8 months ago
01:42:13(no title)9 months ago
00:09:37The Talos Principle 8 Use Presses9 months ago
00:09:0300:10:4000:11:1700:09:01The Talos Principle Gehenna Any%9 months ago
00:46:0600:51:0300:49:2400:45:33Limbo 9 eggs11 months ago
00:12:36Albert & Otto Any%11 months ago
00:20:39Albert & Otto 100%11 months ago
00:58:55The Witness All Panels11 months ago
00:01:39The Witness Challenge Time Trial11 months ago
00:04:4600:04:4600:04:46The Talos Principle Any%11 months ago