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Glacials's Races
2Minesweeper Beginner
19 days ago
NamePosition TimeStatsLinks
BatedUrGonnaDie1st00:00:33.18 1/0/0 1/0
Glacials2nd00:01:13.70 0/1/0 1/0
Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
01:17:4400:00:07Tron: Evolution Any% NG+7 days ago
00:57:11Portal Glitchless8 months ago
00:03:0900:03:1600:04:1700:05:1900:03:00Refunct Any%3 years ago
01:56:4801:56:48Super Mario Sunshine Any% Hoverlessover 4 years ago
03:58:56Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Any%over 4 years ago
10:59:3416:31:4909:51:45Super Mario Galaxy 120 Starover 4 years ago
00:51:0601:11:2000:51:06DuckTales: Remastered Any% (Easy)over 4 years ago
04:54:57Super Mario Galaxy Any%over 4 years ago
06:58:56Star Fox Adventures Any% Inboundsover 4 years ago
01:36:1201:36:12Super Mario Sunshine Any%5 years ago
01:08:08Portal 2 Co-op Any%5 years ago
08:16:06Super Mario Sunshine 100%over 5 years ago
01:38:2501:24:43Sonic Colors Any%over 5 years ago
02:30:5302:30:53Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Any% NG+over 5 years ago