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FramePerfect → Splits.io

FramePerfect supports the generic Splits.io Exchange Format, so Splits.io can read files exported from FramePerfect in this format. These files have the extension .json.


Splits.io → FramePerfect

FramePerfect supports the Splits.io Exchange Format, so it can read any run on Splits.io. Look for the "Splits.io Exchange Format" option when exporting a run from Splits.io.

Developer information

FramePerfect's native format is the Splits.io Exchange Format. Requesting FramePerfect runs with either of these headers will have the same result:

Accept: application/splitsio
Accept: application/original-timer

FramePerfect runs requested with either header will contain this header in the response:

Content-Type: application/splitsio