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TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:04:04Hyper V-Ball Hyper%14 days ago
00:04:05Hyper V-Ball Women%14 days ago
00:02:41Hyper V-Ball Men%14 days ago
00:38:5100:33:32Zero Wing Any% - EASY14 days ago
00:30:5800:31:4100:30:58Strider (NES) TG ruleset16 days ago
00:03:00Vegas Stakes (SNES) Vegas Adventure16 days ago
00:06:1800:06:07NBA Jam Single Game Victory16 days ago
00:40:05Streets of Rage Blaze16 days ago
00:56:51Bonk's Adventure (TG-16) Any%16 days ago
00:10:40Ninja Spirit (TG-16) Any% Sword + Clones16 days ago
00:19:20Dr. Mario (NES) 0-1016 days ago
00:04:59SEGA Bass Fishing Arcade Mode (DC) Any%16 days ago
00:04:31Qix (NES) Level 1016 days ago
00:31:04Magical Chase GB Excited (わくわく)16 days ago
00:34:361943 Kai: Midway Kaisen Hard16 days ago
00:33:431943 Kai: Midway Kaisen Normal16 days ago
00:03:59Vegas Stakes (SNES) Single Segment16 days ago
00:27:37Xenophobe Single Loop (NES)16 days ago
00:01:1300:05:0200:01:10WWF Super Wrestlemania SNES16 days ago
00:01:3600:04:5100:01:12WWF Super Wrestlemania Genesis16 days ago
00:04:11Wimbledon Championship Tennis Exhibition16 days ago
00:00:42Toughman Contest Exhibition%16 days ago
00:07:33Tetris (Game Boy) 100 Lines, Level 0 Start16 days ago
00:21:13Strider (NES) 100%16 days ago
00:00:58Satan's Hollow One Wave Loop16 days ago