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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
01:21:0901:21:4101:25:3301:31:1001:20:45Anodyne 2: Return to Dust Any%18 days ago
01:10:1001:07:07Anodyne Any% Glitchless2 months ago
00:14:2400:18:4700:15:2500:17:5100:20:0500:14:07REDO! Any%3 months ago
00:18:4900:20:1200:22:2300:18:29Downward Any% Current Patch6 months ago
00:06:31EPONYMOUS Any%6 months ago
00:09:57Commune Corvidae Beat the game8 months ago
00:43:43Rain World Pebbles% - Survivor8 months ago
00:22:2800:22:5600:22:5700:21:40Rain World Any% - Survivor10 months ago
00:24:1000:23:32Rain World Survivor - Any%11 months ago
00:13:0400:13:0400:13:1200:13:1200:15:3000:16:4900:12:54Woten Neutral Ending1 year ago
00:09:5500:10:0600:11:4300:13:0400:09:51Gun Princess Zero Any%over 1 year ago
00:28:2700:27:52Anodyne 100%2 years ago
00:07:11Corpse Box Racers Campaign2 years ago
00:05:0100:04:58Anodyne Any%2 years ago
00:02:37Starlight Any%2 years ago
00:46:1700:43:36Lemma 100%over 2 years ago
00:13:39Sonic Adventure DX Gamma's Storyover 2 years ago
01:16:45Mirror's Edge Catalyst NG+almost 3 years ago
00:59:39Even the Ocean Story Normalalmost 3 years ago
01:54:43Even the Ocean Gauntlet Normalalmost 3 years ago
00:01:2400:01:2800:01:23Maze Racers Any%3 years ago
00:24:0200:24:4600:24:5200:26:1100:26:3600:23:31Lemma Any%3 years ago
00:24:4400:17:40PONCHO Any%3 years ago