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courtemanche437's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:08:1700:08:2400:08:2500:09:0000:09:5000:10:1500:07:36Bejeweled 2 4 Square4 days ago
02:41:2900:19:4500:21:2900:22:1000:23:1700:19:27Bejeweled 2 Hyper Mode6 days ago
00:02:1200:02:1500:02:10Bejeweled 2 Category Extension 25%13 days ago
00:06:5300:07:0201:45:2500:06:49Bejeweled 3 Zen Levels1 month ago
00:17:0700:17:07Bejeweled 2 Endless 2 Gems2 months ago
00:08:0100:08:1200:07:25Bejeweled Twist Level 10 (Zen)2 months ago
01:46:5201:47:3401:34:23Bejeweled 2 Action Mode 37 Levels2 months ago
01:07:5301:09:4101:12:3501:17:5900:17:5000:17:5000:41:0800:43:1400:20:3300:05:2100:42:2900:05:4600:20:4900:22:5900:05:4900:05:14Bejeweled 2 Endless Mode3 months ago
00:08:3500:08:24Bejeweled 3 Unlock All Modes3 months ago
00:20:00Bejeweled Deluxe Timetrial - Score Attack5 months ago
00:01:34Bejeweled Deluxe Timetrial5 months ago
00:11:06Bejeweled 2 Switcharoo5 months ago
00:02:5600:03:1000:08:1500:09:0401:47:5701:50:1200:03:1000:03:3100:02:49Bejeweled 2 Action Mode5 months ago
00:46:26Bejeweled 2 Action Mode 10,000,000 Points6 months ago
00:13:49Bejeweled Deluxe Normal 10 Levels6 months ago
00:14:2800:11:06Dijeweled Zen Mode6 months ago
00:03:00Plants vs. Zombies Slot machine6 months ago
00:03:49Dijeweled Blitz Mode 500,000 Points6 months ago
00:08:26Dijeweled Challenge Mode: Locksmith6 months ago
00:03:32Dijeweled Challenge Mode: Zenifier6 months ago
00:07:41Dijeweled Arcade Mode6 months ago
00:53:13Chuzzle Deluxe Zen Star Charm6 months ago
00:21:30Chuzzle Deluxe Heart Charm6 months ago
00:03:3900:06:1300:02:28Chuzzle Deluxe 50K Points6 months ago
00:01:59Tetris Elements Classic - Line: 406 months ago