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TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
04:03:59Super Mario Sunshine 100%almost 5 years ago
01:24:05Super Mario Sunshine Any%almost 5 years ago
03:23:31Super Mario Sunshine 96 Shines5 years ago
01:35:06Mario Kart 8 150cc All Cups5 years ago
09:02:03Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Any%5 years ago
07:09:35Super Paper Mario Any%5 years ago
00:18:48Super Mario World Any%5 years ago
03:29:52Super Mario 64 120 Star5 years ago
08:55:2908:55:29Super Mario Galaxy 120 Star5 years ago
01:42:07Super Mario 64 70 Star5 years ago
00:41:22Super Mario 64 16 Star5 years ago
16:13:28Super Mario Galaxy 2 100%5 years ago
03:57:45Super Mario Galaxy Any% Mario5 years ago
03:14:11Super Mario Sunshine 79 Shines5 years ago
00:24:19Super Mario Sunshine 20 Shines5 years ago