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electroniclogic's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:24:03Korosu Mario World Low%3 months ago
00:35:40Tiny Toons Adventure: Buster Busts Loose Any% Normal4 months ago
00:54:4601:16:1501:57:0500:43:53Invictus All Exits5 months ago
00:05:5400:04:52The Karate Kid Any%5 months ago
00:11:4700:11:32Super Mario World 11 Exit, No Cape6 months ago
00:51:0900:53:4700:59:0000:58:4400:47:26The Messenger 8-Bit7 months ago
00:07:06This Hack Was Made in 2 Hours Beat The Game7 months ago
00:07:06This Hack Was Made in Two Hours Beat The Gaame7 months ago
00:30:03Quickie World 2 All Secrets7 months ago
00:13:2600:12:53Quickie World 2 Any%7 months ago
00:54:49Baby Kaizo World Kindergarten%8 months ago
04:10:01Grand Poo World 2 Any % Good Ending8 months ago
01:50:50Super Metroid 100%8 months ago
00:15:0000:16:0600:16:0700:38:0600:14:58Conquest of the Crystal Palace Any% US9 months ago
01:45:29Grand Poo World The People's %9 months ago
00:17:5700:18:1700:19:3100:20:5600:24:2200:24:2200:17:11The Goonies II Any%11 months ago
00:03:10Super Slim World Softlock%11 months ago
00:52:1401:04:1100:47:34Joy of Kaizo Beginner11 months ago
-The Big Boo's Legion Any%11 months ago
-The Adventures of Dr Franken Any%11 months ago
00:23:34Super Slim World 100%11 months ago
02:15:25Super Ryu World Any%11 months ago
-(no title)11 months ago
-Super Panga World any%11 months ago
00:17:23Super Nap World Any%11 months ago