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fishysea's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:26:0400:26:0700:26:3300:26:3300:26:3300:26:3300:25:59WaveLand CNG+ Warpless10 months ago
00:05:41WaveLand CNG+ Savior10 months ago
00:32:4000:32:5700:32:40WaveLand All Coins10 months ago
00:25:3100:25:4400:25:31WaveLand Any%11 months ago
00:13:01WaveLand Savior11 months ago
00:03:19WaveLand Individual Worlds (World 1)11 months ago
00:03:2300:03:16WaveLand Individual Worlds (World 2)11 months ago
00:03:15WaveLand Individual Worlds (World 3)11 months ago
00:03:46WaveLand Individual Worlds (World 4)11 months ago
00:03:04WaveLand Individual Worlds (World 5)11 months ago
00:04:11WaveLand Individual Worlds (World 6)11 months ago
00:12:0200:11:10WaveLand Custom Levels Top 30 All Levels12 months ago
00:21:20WaveLand Custom Levels C.A.F.E. All Levels1 year ago
00:55:05Dustforce DX Any% Community Map Pack1 year ago
00:35:0500:35:3200:34:42Dustforce DX Any% All Levels (NG+)over 1 year ago
00:02:19PokeyPoke Starsover 1 year ago
00:17:0700:13:27WaveLand Dark Worldsover 1 year ago
00:55:08WaveLand 200%over 1 year ago
00:03:49WaveLand Demo Any%almost 2 years ago
00:35:28WaveLand 100%almost 2 years ago