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TimeVideoGame + CategoryUploaded
01:06:20Yoshi's Cookie (NES) 10 Roundsabout 4 hours ago
00:45:4200:38:15The Legend of Zelda (Category Extensions) TDO Glitchlessabout 1 month ago
00:44:1500:50:0000:42:53The Legend of Zelda 100% No Up+Aabout 1 month ago
01:01:4301:13:5600:59:18The Legend of Zelda Swordlessabout 1 month ago
00:35:0800:35:5300:34:20The Legend of Zelda Any%about 2 months ago
00:22:1100:23:2300:19:16Dr. Mario (NES) 0-105 months ago
00:37:3400:38:3900:38:5100:40:1900:41:2000:41:3200:44:4100:44:5500:36:44The Legend of Zelda any% No Up+A6 months ago
01:31:1901:16:08Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% Warpless11 months ago
00:18:36Super Mario Bros. 3 Any%11 months ago
00:10:5000:11:3400:10:16Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bonus Cupsabout 1 year ago
02:08:25Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 48 Tracks (No Items)about 1 year ago
00:05:29Tetris (NES) 100 linesabout 1 year ago
00:07:1800:06:27Tetris (NES) 100 Lines (Level 0 Start)about 1 year ago
00:01:2200:01:2600:01:3400:01:15Yoshi's Cookie (NES) Round 1over 1 year ago