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hexsr's Races
2Super Mario 64 70 Star
3 months ago
NamePosition TimeStatsLinks
conmangamer221st01:03:14.99 2/0/0 2/4
hexsr01:04:03.74 0/0/0 0/2
2Untitled race
3 months ago
NamePosition TimeStatsLinks
conmangamer2200:00:27.53 2/0/0 2/4
hexsr00:00:39.47 0/0/0 0/2
Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:54:5900:59:0700:49:16Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict 33 Stars4 months ago
00:20:2400:20:18Robot 64 No Major Glitches6 months ago
03:06:0002:54:01Underhero Any%10 months ago
03:21:27Underhero No Bribe%12 months ago
00:28:3600:28:3600:28:5100:27:52DELTARUNE Any%12 months ago
00:51:0600:49:22WarioWare: Smooth Moves Any%1 year ago
00:38:5500:39:5400:40:50Celeste Any%1 year ago
01:05:3301:06:2401:04:34Luigi's Mansion No OoBover 1 year ago
03:47:42Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition New Gameover 1 year ago
00:23:5700:24:2300:25:2100:23:34Robot 64 Any%over 1 year ago
00:31:02PaRappa the Rapper 2 Shuriken Modeover 1 year ago
00:31:24PaRappa the Rapper 2 Any%over 1 year ago
01:33:42Mario Party: The Top 100 Minigame Island - All Minigamesover 1 year ago
01:13:1601:13:1001:14:5701:16:2201:19:4401:19:1201:24:0401:29:0301:32:3501:09:53Super Mario Odyssey Any%over 1 year ago
02:13:55Super Mario Odyssey Dark Sidealmost 2 years ago
01:35:45Super Mario Odyssey World Peacealmost 2 years ago
00:56:47Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Story Mode - Japan Versionalmost 2 years ago
01:29:56Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 32 Tracks2 years ago
02:48:52Super Mario Odyssey 253 Moons2 years ago
01:54:49A Hat in Time All Acts2 years ago
01:12:0301:04:26A Hat in Time Any%2 years ago
00:02:5100:02:5300:02:30Refunct Any%2 years ago
00:12:1700:11:51Mario Party 2 Mini-Game Coaster2 years ago
01:04:47Mario Party 5 Story Mode2 years ago
01:12:28Luigi's Mansion any% Normal Mansion2 years ago