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15 days ago
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
04:35:0204:38:5604:57:0505:18:2406:24:3504:24:22Saints Row 2 Any%2 months ago
01:49:18Saints Row 2 Brotherhood Arc2 months ago
01:45:39Saints Row 2 Sons of Samedi Arc2 months ago
01:39:3501:50:1901:38:49Saints Row 2 Ronin Arc2 months ago
05:13:2105:32:1506:10:0404:48:24Grand Theft Auto IV Any%5 months ago
01:03:10Burnout Legends Any% NG+6 months ago
07:16:15--Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 100%6 months ago
00:54:3100:55:3400:55:4500:57:5700:54:31Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Any% (No SSU)7 months ago
04:16:4803:51:34Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Any%7 months ago
01:40:3101:57:3301:38:36Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned Any%7 months ago
02:43:04Grand Theft Auto: Vice City All Missions8 months ago
03:55:38Saints Row: The Third Any% Co-op9 months ago
04:33:3804:43:5905:10:3504:30:23Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any%10 months ago
07:07:49Multi-GTA Runs 3D Trilogy Any%11 months ago
03:27:23Grand Theft Auto Category Extensions GTASA12 months ago
04:21:4304:29:0503:53:31Saints Row: The Third Any%1 year ago
00:14:10Team Fortress 2 Basic Training (Scriptless)over 1 year ago
01:16:54Saints Row IV Bad Endingover 1 year ago
03:24:30Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Any%over 1 year ago
04:00:4304:43:3703:34:27Grand Theft Auto III All Missionsover 1 year ago
05:34:16Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas No Major Glitchesover 1 year ago
02:46:59Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony Any%over 1 year ago
04:59:3805:21:3704:59:38Saints Row: The Third Any % no DLC co-opover 1 year ago
01:06:34Kirby's Dream Land Beat the gamealmost 2 years ago
06:00:04Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Any% Dupelessalmost 2 years ago