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TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
-00:02:0200:02:0200:02:0200:02:0200:02:02Speed Matters World 1 - Any% months ago
00:53:3800:53:3800:51:14-POPPY KART All Worlds10 months ago
00:10:3700:08:40POPPY KART World 110 months ago
01:01:0901:01:09Celeste Any%1 year ago
00:02:3600:02:1900:02:1900:02:2000:02:4200:02:2500:02:2800:02:19Speed Matters World 21 year ago
00:04:5600:05:4700:05:5000:05:5000:04:45Speed Matters Any% (v0.2.x.x)1 year ago
00:02:21Speed Matters World 11 year ago
00:02:2100:02:2200:02:2200:02:2400:02:20Speed Matters World 1 Any%almost 2 years ago
02:04:1802:01:39Endless Ocean: Blue World Any%2 years ago
01:11:04The Stanley Parable 12 Endings - No Savesover 2 years ago
00:02:32Undertale Die%over 2 years ago
00:07:5200:08:0400:07:15Undertale Demo Neutralover 2 years ago
00:14:31Undertale NoClip%over 2 years ago
00:03:3400:03:3400:03:3400:03:3500:03:5900:03:34Undertale Hotlandover 2 years ago
00:00:43Undertale COREover 2 years ago
00:19:0500:18:54Undertale Quiche%over 2 years ago
01:35:44Undertale True Pacifist Endingalmost 3 years ago
00:29:5200:29:45Undertale Temmie Collegealmost 3 years ago
01:03:0001:03:1401:03:2701:03:5901:04:4301:02:06Undertale Neutral Ending3 years ago
00:09:1400:09:3300:09:5900:10:4600:10:5200:12:0700:08:41Kerbal Space Program Career mode Mun and back RTA3 years ago