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TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:16:35Wrack Any% (Casual)4 months ago
00:18:1800:19:0400:20:5300:50:3800:16:36VVVVVV Glitchless4 months ago
02:47:59Ultime Decathlon 7 Decathlon4 months ago
00:13:3200:13:3200:13:3200:13:26TrackMania² Stadium Green4 months ago
00:38:1500:33:49The Messenger 8-Bit4 months ago
00:11:4800:12:0300:12:0300:11:34Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf Japan4 months ago
00:08:0700:07:44Minit Any%4 months ago
00:24:4400:22:57Megaman 1-6 UD74 months ago
00:07:2700:09:3000:17:0300:06:03Lawn Mower Beat the game4 months ago
00:12:3500:13:3500:16:4300:12:08Kirby's Dream Land Beat the game4 months ago
00:22:5500:22:5500:22:55Super Meat Boy Any%6 months ago
01:47:5901:47:59TM2, V6, NTM, OTS, KDL, LM UD76 months ago
01:03:0401:03:0401:03:1801:03:5801:05:2801:05:4801:06:3901:06:5901:03:04Mario Kart DS 32 Tracks7 months ago