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manticor5's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:22:3400:20:27The Punisher (Arcade) Any Clear3 days ago
00:37:52Dynasty Wars Any%3 days ago
00:22:2600:22:4800:22:5300:23:2500:23:2700:24:2800:21:51Final Fight (Arcade) Any%12 days ago
00:10:1000:10:1200:10:1800:10:2500:10:2600:10:3900:10:5400:10:5800:10:5800:11:0800:10:05Mercs Any%12 days ago
00:15:03Bionic Commando (Arcade) Any% 2 Loops13 days ago
00:17:4900:17:06Captain Commando Arcade 1 Player (Easy)16 days ago
00:19:45Captain Commando Arcade 1 Player (Very Hard)18 days ago
00:16:3200:16:4300:17:1500:17:2300:17:3100:18:1500:19:0000:19:0600:19:2600:19:2900:19:5300:20:0000:21:3700:21:5500:22:2000:23:1500:23:1900:25:2700:27:3600:16:03Captain Commando Arcade18 days ago
00:19:07Captain Commando Arcade 1 Player (Hard)21 days ago
00:18:09Captain Commando Arcade 1 Player (Normal)23 days ago
00:19:42Last Duel Any% 1 Loop24 days ago
00:40:36Alien Vs Predator (Arcade) Any% Predator Warrior25 days ago
00:22:311941:Counter Strike Any%25 days ago
00:06:5400:07:0600:07:0900:07:1500:07:4000:08:0000:08:3400:08:3600:09:2100:06:43Bionic Commando (Arcade) Any% 1 Loop1 month ago
00:13:32Nemo Any%1 month ago
00:41:11Alien Vs Predator (Arcade) Any% Dutch Schaefer1 month ago
00:42:5700:41:38Alien Vs Predator (Arcade) Any% Predator Hunter1 month ago
00:44:4000:45:2200:46:1400:46:5900:47:5900:44:11Warriors of Fate Any%1 month ago
00:31:43Forgotten Worlds Normal (Arcade)1 month ago
00:33:1200:33:5200:32:59Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Any% 2p1c1 month ago
00:16:2800:15:36Progear Any% 1 Loop1 month ago
01:21:311942 Any% Arcade2 months ago
00:01:3200:01:3300:01:3400:01:3500:01:4000:01:4400:01:4500:01:5800:02:0200:01:32Ninja Kun: Majou no Bouken 3 Scenes2 months ago
00:06:1700:06:2000:06:2100:06:2200:06:2400:06:2500:06:2600:06:2700:06:3100:06:4300:06:5200:06:17Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum Any%2 months ago
00:52:2100:50:30Varth: Operation Thunderstorm Any%2 months ago