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meta_live's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:35:1800:35:1800:35:4700:42:1500:42:1500:48:5800:54:3400:58:1301:05:2401:05:2401:15:4701:15:4700:35:18Doom Any%28 days ago
06:13:36Doom 100%6 months ago
00:53:42Doom Any% Nightmare6 months ago
01:33:2801:33:28Doom No Major Glitches7 months ago
00:30:58Doom New Game +7 months ago
-Doom IL Any% - The UAC1 year ago
00:13:1300:11:24Prey (2017) Any%1 year ago