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millnium's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:27:2900:27:5500:28:3100:28:4900:29:0000:29:3900:30:3400:27:17Magical Pop'n Any%6 months ago
00:56:1100:56:4400:59:1900:54:12Super Mario 64 70 Star7 months ago
02:49:2202:49:4102:49:4102:50:0002:49:04Super Mario RPG any%over 1 year ago
02:31:4202:20:46Super Mario 64 120 staralmost 2 years ago
04:19:23Super Mario Sunshine Any%2 years ago
00:56:29Super Mario World No Cape, No Starworldover 2 years ago
00:35:42Super Mario World No Starworldover 2 years ago
00:37:38Super Mario World All Castlesover 2 years ago
01:40:01Super Mario World 96 Exitover 2 years ago
-Donkey Kong Country (GBC) Any% All Stagesover 2 years ago
00:31:23Mega Man 2 Nornal, Ziplessover 2 years ago
00:28:49Mega Man 2 Any%over 2 years ago