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TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:26:1100:27:1600:26:11Super Metroid: Project Base GT Code8 months ago
00:06:5200:06:04Super Meat Boy Dark Hospital8 months ago
00:02:4600:02:46Super Metroid: Adams Hack 11%8 months ago
03:54:46Super Metroid Category Extensions RBMBO8 months ago
00:00:3500:00:35Super Metroid: Adams Hack Any%8 months ago
00:56:27Super Metroid Category Extensions Co-op Map completion8 months ago
00:32:38Super Metroid: Project Base 0.7.3 Any% PDKR test8 months ago
00:01:23Super Metroid: Adams Hack Any% No Majors Glitches8 months ago
00:53:13Super Metroid Category Extensions Coop low%8 months ago
00:08:53Shovel Knight Godmode Cleared to Tower8 months ago
-Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow Soma Glitchless8 months ago
-Super Metroid All achievements8 months ago
00:20:0800:18:07Spectraball //extended edition Glitchless Any%8 months ago
00:57:07The End Is Nigh Friend%8 months ago
00:10:27Inertia Classics8 months ago
00:30:1600:30:16Super Metroid Category Extensions All Miniboss RTA8 months ago
00:12:2200:13:2800:11:48Super Metroid: So Little Items Any%8 months ago
00:09:18Super Metroid Category Extensions All Vileplumes RTA8 months ago
00:02:52Super Metroid: NG+ Any% Major Glitches8 months ago
00:01:16Super Metroid: Retro Dust Any%8 months ago
00:24:16Cuphead Simple1 year ago
00:32:3000:32:3000:33:5200:32:30A Story About My Uncle Any%over 1 year ago
01:04:0201:48:4201:04:02Shovel Knight Any%over 1 year ago
00:39:1900:41:0900:18:0500:41:0900:19:3000:18:05Super Metroid GT Codeover 1 year ago
00:29:3300:29:1900:29:3300:29:4000:29:4000:29:19Super Metroid: NG+ Any%almost 2 years ago