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pikaboy70's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:26:04The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Great Plateau Any%20 days ago
00:11:1200:08:32Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side - Any% (No Major Skips)2 months ago
00:26:5000:28:2700:28:4800:34:2500:26:22The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Great Plateau - Any%5 months ago
00:12:31Super Mario Odyssey Category Extensions Partial Game RTAs (CCS)5 months ago
02:36:3202:27:13Super Mario Odyssey Dark Side - Assist Mode (1P)5 months ago
01:22:5101:26:5601:29:4201:36:0101:19:42Super Mario Odyssey Any% (1P)5 months ago
00:01:4300:02:3000:02:3800:01:32Breath of The Wild Category Extensions Die (No Amiibo)6 months ago
00:23:3900:24:4900:22:44Super Mario Odyssey Category Extensions Koopa Freerunning RTA6 months ago
00:02:1800:02:2500:03:0000:03:3900:04:2000:04:0100:02:16Minecraft Console Edition Bake a Cake - Old Tutorial Worlds7 months ago
00:01:0600:00:48Minecraft Console Edition Get Diamond - Tutorial World7 months ago
00:02:5300:02:5100:02:5900:03:0300:02:5900:03:0200:02:47Super Mario Odyssey Cap Kingdom - Any%9 months ago
01:03:42New Super Mario Bros. U Any%11 months ago
00:03:2400:03:23Super Mario Odyssey Cascade Kingdom - Any%11 months ago
00:02:3800:02:33Super Mario Odyssey Lake Kingdom - Any%11 months ago
00:11:0200:06:08Super Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom - Any%12 months ago
00:38:07New Super Mario Bros. Wii Any% Multiplayer12 months ago
00:08:0600:10:2400:07:19Super Mario Odyssey Wooded Kingdom - Any%over 1 year ago