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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:45:1800:45:1800:44:57Silent Hill NG (Easy)5 months ago
00:21:04Silent Hill 3 UFO/Revenge Ending7 months ago
00:43:44Silent Hill 3 NG+ (Any difficulty)7 months ago
00:48:20Silent Hill 3 NG (Easy/Easy)7 months ago
00:22:31Sonic CD Any%7 months ago
00:08:24Sonic R Any% (No OoB)7 months ago
00:48:39Street Boyz Any%7 months ago
03:13:13The World Ends With You Final Remix Any% (Normal)7 months ago
00:05:44West of Loathing Any%7 months ago
00:38:54White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2017) Hee-Min Scenario7 months ago
00:04:04Xenogunner Any%7 months ago
01:35:57Resident Evil 7: Biohazard NG Any%7 months ago
01:31:48Resident Evil 7: Biohazard NG+ Any%7 months ago
00:07:25Shuriken Harder7 months ago
00:06:15Shuriken Hard7 months ago
00:06:06Shuriken Normal7 months ago
00:47:15Silent Hill NG Good+ (Easy)7 months ago
00:37:34Silent Hill UFO Ending7 months ago
00:57:14Silent Hill 2 New Game (Hard)7 months ago
00:49:26Silent Hill 2 New Game (Normal)7 months ago
00:47:24Silent Hill 2 New Game7 months ago
00:49:42Silent Hill 2 NG+ (Dog Ending)7 months ago
00:35:50Celeste Any%1 year ago
00:45:52Freedom Planet Lilac1 year ago
00:45:26Silent Hill 2 NG+ (UFO Ending)1 year ago