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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:51:1800:52:3400:53:1400:53:4900:57:3400:59:1001:00:1801:07:3800:50:39Sonic and the Black Knight Any%3 months ago
01:29:43Sonic Generations Any%4 months ago
07:35:5606:58:38Sonic Forces 100%4 months ago
01:06:0800:56:49Octopath Traveler Single Story5 months ago
03:56:3604:05:4304:23:4904:54:0205:22:2903:53:31Paper Mario: Sticker Star Any%7 months ago
05:24:4706:09:4306:09:4306:48:0706:48:0705:08:06Super Paper Mario Any%7 months ago
04:04:5604:12:5304:14:1404:22:4704:24:2604:32:5905:03:0803:58:31Kingdom Hearts III Any%7 months ago
08:52:2209:40:4608:31:41Paper Mario: Color Splash Any%7 months ago
02:12:4902:10:26Sonic and the Secret Rings Any%10 months ago
01:12:4401:18:0101:33:5101:09:58Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic's Story (No MSG)12 months ago
03:32:31Multiple Sonic Games Storybook Series12 months ago
04:49:24Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies (For The Sequel) Any%1 year ago
01:44:4801:25:13Octopath Traveler Single Story RTAover 1 year ago
01:00:0701:00:0701:00:3601:00:4401:01:0101:01:4301:02:3701:03:1501:03:5201:04:2201:04:4101:06:2501:07:2601:08:3001:09:4801:14:1701:23:3201:40:1100:58:55Sonic Forces Any%over 1 year ago
02:26:3303:13:3503:13:3502:21:32Kirby: Triple Deluxe Any%over 1 year ago
01:50:0501:21:00Army Men: Air Attack 2 Any%over 1 year ago
02:05:0702:09:3002:23:2202:43:1702:01:30Kirby: Planet Robobot Any%over 1 year ago
02:32:11Kirby Star Allies Any%over 1 year ago
02:41:5802:16:55Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) Any%over 1 year ago
05:56:15Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Sora's Storyover 1 year ago
01:16:23Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Any%almost 2 years ago
04:22:4404:22:4404:17:22Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies (For The Sequel) True Endingalmost 2 years ago
01:39:3301:26:52Sonic Colors (Wii) Any%almost 2 years ago
00:31:00Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Any%almost 2 years ago
00:19:16Project Octopath Traveler Demo - Olberic Any%2 years ago