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seathorne74's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:34:4800:34:5300:35:0500:35:5100:37:5500:34:46Super Mario World All Castles3 months ago
04:09:2603:16:22Paper Mario: TTYD Any% JP6 months ago
00:15:49Quickie World 2 Any%7 months ago
00:05:41(no title)7 months ago
00:18:2900:14:42Quickie World All Exits8 months ago
00:09:12Nim & Nom Any%9 months ago
00:11:26(no title)10 months ago
00:33:2100:34:2800:36:5300:36:5300:41:0700:33:14Super Mario World No Starworld11 months ago
00:52:3001:27:2700:45:36Invictus Any%12 months ago
00:55:4701:02:0301:39:2300:52:25Invictus All Exits12 months ago
00:53:12Super Mario World All Yoshis1 year ago
00:11:27Super Mario World 11 Exit, No Cape, Glitchless1 year ago
01:22:5601:23:3001:23:3001:24:1301:25:3701:26:1101:26:4901:26:5601:29:5401:31:2001:32:0401:32:0401:35:4701:37:2301:40:4401:49:4901:50:0502:15:4102:49:5901:22:48Super Mario World 96 Exit1 year ago
04:08:58Paper Mario: TTYD Any% NTSC-Uover 1 year ago
01:29:44Super Mario World 96 Exit, Solo Co-Opover 1 year ago
00:10:4500:10:40Super Mario World 11 Exit, Glitchlessover 1 year ago
00:17:53Blym Any%almost 2 years ago
00:10:38Super Mario World 11 Exit, Orbalmost 2 years ago
01:20:4201:22:3201:28:0701:59:5502:24:2501:18:56Super Mario Odyssey Any%almost 2 years ago
00:24:53Super Mario World All Switchesalmost 2 years ago
00:15:2500:15:5000:14:32THOTH Standard Soloalmost 2 years ago
01:50:3501:52:2701:54:1501:45:16Super Mario World 95 Exit, No Flight2 years ago
00:12:08Mario's Keytastrophe: Rebirth Edition 24 Exit2 years ago
00:01:2200:01:20Super Mario World 1 Yump2 years ago
00:15:0200:14:54Super Mario World 15 Exit, Small Only, No Yoshi2 years ago