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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
01:16:0601:04:57Sylvan Tale 100%11 days ago
00:17:15Tempo Jr. Any%2 months ago
00:47:0700:43:19Silhouette Mirage Any% JP4 months ago
01:28:4101:28:5701:30:4101:30:5401:37:5701:28:24Magic Knight Rayearth Any% No Polizu Skip5 months ago
02:19:29Magic Knight Rayearth Any% JP No Polizu Skip7 months ago
00:29:06Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru Taromaru8 months ago
00:33:5400:34:1900:34:4000:34:4400:35:1500:35:3400:35:5600:36:5400:36:5700:37:5800:38:0500:40:5800:42:2800:44:0300:44:4300:48:2600:48:2900:33:48Burning Rangers Any%9 months ago
00:34:0600:34:1300:33:31Noobow Beat the Game11 months ago
00:10:2000:11:3600:10:11Aladdin (Game Gear) Any%1 year ago
00:58:33Lupin the 3rd: Sage of the Pyramid Any% Easy1 year ago
01:02:51Lupin the 3rd: Sage of the Pyramid Any% Normal1 year ago
01:56:59Magic Knight Rayearth Any% No Map Glitch1 year ago
02:07:5702:36:5602:38:1202:41:2702:42:5902:43:3502:44:3102:45:2002:46:0702:53:3402:56:5402:58:3303:00:4303:02:1703:09:3203:18:1603:37:3404:27:1302:05:38Magic Knight Rayearth Any%1 year ago
01:41:13(no title)over 1 year ago
01:43:46(no title)over 1 year ago
01:25:06Linkle Liver Story Any%over 1 year ago
02:16:30Kirby's Epic Yarn Any%over 1 year ago
00:17:0600:17:1500:19:1900:22:5000:16:48Legend of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse Beat the gameover 1 year ago
01:41:03Kirby's Adventure Any% No Major Glitches2 years ago
04:55:4305:01:1305:08:5304:53:26Panzer Dragoon Saga Any%2 years ago
00:22:00World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Mickey2 years ago
00:25:04NiGHTS into Dreams... NG+over 2 years ago
02:06:06Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Any%over 2 years ago
03:31:0303:26:05JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future Any%over 2 years ago
00:15:5700:15:5700:16:4300:16:4300:16:5400:15:57NiGHTS into Dreams... Beat Claris Storyalmost 3 years ago