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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:41:2400:41:2400:41:3200:41:3800:41:3800:42:4500:40:10Grand Theft Auto 2 Downtown All Missions9 days ago
00:54:45Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy Any%19 days ago
03:01:0203:01:0203:14:5403:33:3403:33:3403:53:3304:21:0202:59:46Grand Theft Auto 2 All Missions3 months ago
00:16:22Grand Theft Auto 2 Any% (no EE-glitch)3 months ago
01:15:5801:23:0601:14:39Grand Theft Auto 2 Industrial All Missions4 months ago
07:44:4707:16:35Grand Theft Auto 2 100%4 months ago
00:55:5600:54:36Total Overdose Any%5 months ago
01:09:0201:09:0201:09:0201:07:18Grand Theft Auto 2 100% Downtown5 months ago
00:48:3400:41:24Swarm Any%7 months ago
00:56:1500:58:3200:54:57Grand Theft Auto 2 Residential All Missions7 months ago
00:16:56Fortix Normal Any%7 months ago
00:02:5600:02:30Grand Theft Auto 2 Any% downtown7 months ago
01:07:3901:06:52Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Any% (No SSU)7 months ago
02:41:36Grand Theft Auto 2 100% Industrial 11.447 months ago
00:42:4500:42:45Grand Theft Auto 2 DT AM7 months ago
00:13:3700:13:37Grand Theft Auto 2 All tokens Downtown7 months ago
00:08:41The Stalin Subway: Red Veil Any% easy7 months ago
03:34:3003:34:30Grand Theft Auto 2 100% Industrial7 months ago
00:42:1200:42:12Unreal Any% Easy7 months ago
01:43:42Nitro Family Any%7 months ago
00:33:2800:33:28You Are Empty any% with sprint7 months ago
00:03:4500:03:44Grand Theft Auto 2 All Wang Cars7 months ago
02:22:1102:31:1102:31:1102:31:11-Grand Theft Auto 2 Residential 100%9 months ago
00:18:30Doom (PC) Any%1 year ago
00:38:05Serious Sam 3: BFE any% Tourist1 year ago