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TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
00:20:4500:20:5100:22:2500:20:17Super Mario Bros. Warpless1 month ago
00:05:1300:05:1900:05:2200:05:2700:05:09Super Mario Bros. Any%2 months ago
04:30:46Super Mario Bros. Category Extensions 11x Warpless2 months ago
00:02:01Bible Adventures Baby Moses4 months ago
00:12:52Mario's Early Years: PreSchool Fun Around The World4 months ago
00:12:43Mario's Early Years: PreSchool Fun 4 Islands4 months ago
00:54:0201:00:0900:52:21Super Mario All-Stars Any% All 55 months ago
00:31:3300:31:17Mario's Early Years: Fun With Numbers 6 Islands7 months ago
00:31:4300:31:37Mario's Early Years: Fun With Numbers Around The World7 months ago
00:39:2900:38:19Super Mario All-Stars Any%7 months ago
00:24:0300:23:11Super Mario Bros. Warpless All-Stars7 months ago
00:05:1700:05:2500:05:3000:05:3600:05:4500:06:2500:07:5400:09:0300:05:17Super Mario Bros. Any% All-Stars7 months ago
00:13:18Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% (No wrong warp)8 months ago
00:13:44Super Mario World 11 Exit8 months ago
00:41:0000:45:39--Super Mario All-Stars All Four Any%9 months ago
00:08:5300:09:0100:10:3000:08:51Super Mario: The Lost Levels Any% 8-4 All Stars Luigi10 months ago
00:10:03Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% S+Q All-Stars Princess Only10 months ago
00:10:5300:09:50Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% S+Q All-Stars10 months ago
00:35:32Mario's Time Machine Any%11 months ago
00:09:3000:09:3000:09:5600:10:5600:14:2300:33:4900:08:56Super Mario: The Lost Levels Any% 8-4 All Stars11 months ago
00:12:00Super Mario Bros. *8-4 All Stars12 months ago
00:06:54Tetris (NES) 100 lines, level 0 start1 year ago