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TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
01:24:4201:24:5201:36:3601:16:21Super Mario 64 DS 80 Star26 days ago
03:13:3403:25:4303:05:56Super Mario 64 DS 150 Star2 months ago
00:21:30Super Mario 64 DS Any%7 months ago
00:03:54Super Mario Flash V. 2.07 months ago
00:09:25Super Mario Flash Low%7 months ago
00:08:39Super Mario Flash Any% Glitchless9 months ago
00:17:27Super Mario Flash 2 Low%9 months ago
00:03:2000:03:17Refunct All Cubes1 year ago
00:02:4600:02:4600:02:4700:02:4800:02:4900:02:45Refunct Popular Any%1 year ago
00:15:4400:14:43Run 1 Adventure Mode - Normal1 year ago
00:06:28Refunct Low% (+6) w/ All Cubes1 year ago
00:28:3500:29:0800:29:3500:28:33Refunct Teny%1 year ago
00:04:2700:04:23Refunct 100% - NGG1 year ago
00:02:2500:02:2600:02:24Refunct Any% - NGG1 year ago
00:03:09Refunct All Cubes - NGG1 year ago
00:14:55Super Mario Flash 2 Any%over 1 year ago
00:04:31Refunct Low% - NGGover 1 year ago
00:04:2200:04:22Refunct Low%over 1 year ago
00:04:4200:04:33Refunct 100%over 1 year ago
00:06:59Learn to Fly Any%2 years ago