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thextera_'s Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
01:18:4001:19:4702:07:4701:18:4001:19:0701:19:1701:19:2501:19:3101:19:5001:20:5501:21:5001:21:5001:21:5001:21:5501:21:5501:18:31Rayman Any% PS11 month ago
01:35:27Tomb Raider Glitched3 months ago
01:35:2701:35:27Tomb Raider Any%3 months ago
02:47:07(no title)8 months ago
01:40:5701:41:4201:43:3801:45:2401:46:4801:59:2402:05:2502:08:1902:14:5202:19:3801:39:17Spyro the Dragon 120%over 1 year ago
00:25:02Blitz Breaker 76 Starsover 1 year ago
00:22:24Blitz Breaker Any%over 1 year ago
01:45:5101:55:5902:15:4801:40:52Rayman Any% Atari Jaguaralmost 2 years ago
00:23:30RAMONE: TEH GAEM Any%over 2 years ago
01:10:3600:58:35Rayman Origins Any%over 2 years ago
00:32:06Rayman M / Rayman Arena All Races (PS2/PC)over 2 years ago
00:35:04Rayman Kart All racesover 2 years ago
01:23:1601:28:0501:35:5101:18:46Rayman Any% GBAalmost 3 years ago
01:25:54Rayman Any% PCalmost 3 years ago
00:58:3500:56:46Rayman Beat Mr Skops3 years ago
01:05:0400:59:05Epistory - Typing Chronicles Any%3 years ago
01:10:4501:12:2501:13:0501:21:4902:08:0301:10:45Rayman 3 (GBA) Any%3 years ago
01:26:24Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Any%3 years ago
01:38:5301:38:53Rayman 2 (PS1) Any%3 years ago
00:51:21Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Any%3 years ago
01:32:07Rayman 3 Any%3 years ago
02:01:5101:43:38Epistory - Typing Chronicles All Fragments3 years ago
01:38:1501:34:38Rayman Any% Sega Saturn3 years ago
01:21:1001:21:3301:21:10Rayman Any% PS1 (emu)over 3 years ago
01:27:5201:28:1801:26:44Rayman Any% PC/Mobileover 3 years ago