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TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
02:13:1202:15:3302:16:2702:24:1502:34:0902:11:08Medal of Honor (2010) Any%2 days ago
00:14:4000:12:41Battlefield Hardline Episode 9 Any%14 days ago
01:15:0401:15:0401:18:4301:19:3701:19:3701:19:3701:20:07-01:44:2401:14:11Battlefield V Any%14 days ago
00:12:2800:12:08Battlefield Hardline Episode 3 Any%14 days ago
02:35:25Battlefield Hardline Any% NG14 days ago
00:17:2500:16:56Battlefield Hardline Episode 1 Any%15 days ago
00:03:0800:03:07Battlefield Hardline Prologue Any%15 days ago
02:21:3702:24:0302:21:37Battlefield Hardline Any% NG+15 days ago
02:24:03Battlefield Hardline NG+ Any%16 days ago
00:07:3500:07:4100:06:51Battlefield Hardline Episode 7 Any%16 days ago
00:13:5700:13:14Battlefield Hardline Episode 6 Any%16 days ago
00:05:53Battlefield Hardline Episode 10 Any%16 days ago
00:16:20Battlefield Hardline Episode 8 Any%17 days ago
00:03:51Battlefield Hardline Episode 5 Any%17 days ago
00:09:49Battlefield Hardline Episode 4 Any%17 days ago
00:05:27Battlefield Hardline Episode 2 Any%17 days ago
03:01:58Battlefield Hardline Any%19 days ago
00:05:5000:06:0100:05:33Battlefield V Wolf and Dog Any%19 days ago
00:06:2500:06:3800:07:1900:06:15Battlefield V The Tiger's Bite Any%24 days ago
00:18:4200:18:4400:20:2000:18:23Battlefield V The Last Tiger Any%26 days ago
00:06:2700:06:4800:07:3000:06:05Battlefield V Turning Point Any%26 days ago
00:04:5200:05:3000:04:40Battlefield V Tooth and Nail Any%27 days ago
00:13:5000:15:39-00:13:11Battlefield V Tirailleur Any%28 days ago
00:17:1300:17:4600:18:1900:16:13Battlefield V Under No Flag Any%29 days ago
-00:19:18Battlefield V Nordlys Any%29 days ago