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xdragon95's Races
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Personal Bests
TimeVideoGame + CategoryCreated
03:00:4903:17:3002:46:48CrossCode Any% NMG6 months ago
01:24:1201:24:12CrossCode Any% Lea1 year ago
01:53:5103:29:2001:42:30CrossCode Any%1 year ago
01:25:5101:21:44Metroid Fusion Any%over 1 year ago
01:58:57CrossCode 0.9.8-6 Betaover 1 year ago
00:20:20Little Samson All Stages Normalalmost 3 years ago
01:19:0301:39:1301:06:57Mega Man X8 Any%over 3 years ago
01:00:4601:00:4601:00:4601:00:4601:00:46Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% (Warpless)over 3 years ago
00:12:3300:12:33Yume Penguin Monogatari Good Endingover 3 years ago
01:41:48Battle Kid: The Fortress of Peril Any%(easy)over 3 years ago
00:13:40Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade (medium hard)over 3 years ago
00:12:42Ultra Street Fighter 4 Arcade (Hardest)over 3 years ago
00:49:41Super Mario World All Castlesover 3 years ago
01:12:5901:12:5901:12:5901:12:59Super Metroid Any% Any%over 3 years ago
00:14:16Super Mario Land Any%over 3 years ago
00:37:4400:37:4400:37:4400:35:38Super Mario World Any% (No Starworld)over 3 years ago
00:34:5600:34:5600:34:56Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Beat the gameover 3 years ago
00:11:5400:11:5400:11:5400:11:54Super Mario World Any%over 3 years ago
00:05:4800:05:4800:05:4800:05:48Super Mario Bros. Any%over 3 years ago
02:03:20Mercenary Kings Any% No Repeatsover 3 years ago
01:18:56Pokémon Red/Blue Randomizer Raceover 3 years ago
00:53:35Metroid: Zero Mission any% normalover 3 years ago
00:01:2800:01:28Monopoly Any%over 3 years ago
00:45:1400:45:1400:45:1400:45:14Mega Man X2 Any%over 3 years ago
00:08:1300:08:13Mega Man Christmas Carol 2 You Will Dieover 3 years ago