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We've done it.

Thanks for helping us on our journey to be the #1 destination for speedrunning analytics.

It's time for us to call it quits, because we've developed and released a singular tool which will supersede all our previous efforts.

Introducing Race to the Bottom:

The Splits.io hot sauce.

Starting at just $15.

It's hot.

Cayenne. Habanero. Chipotle. The big three.

It's sauce.

It's made of liquid, so you can pour it on things.

"I force myself to eat this if I don't PB. Now I PB every time!"

— Glacials

"I never thought negative reinforcement could be so cheap!"

— My brother, as yelled through the bathroom door

"I used this sauce to force myself to pick up Half-Life: Alyx, but then I delocated my wrist doing an OOB. You'll be hearing from my lawyer."

— Former VR speedrunner

"Yeah it's alright I guess."

— Some bozo

"This is a hot sauce alright, and you can quote me on that."

— I forgot this guy's name

"That guy's name was Jerry."

— Wise-ass

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